AQUA Pave is a permeable pavment system that is recognized by the Enviromental Protection Agency as a BMP suitable for improving stormwater quality and reduces excess stormwater runoff quantities. It was first developed in Germany 25 years ago.

AQUA Pave represents leading edge green technology in road building and is worth 9 LEED (Leadership in Energy and Enviromental Design) points. 1/3 of the way to LEED Gold!

There are many benefits to AQUA Pave:

  • Lower construction costs
    • Combines parking, infiltration and detention facilities in one location
    • Allows more space on the site for income generating buildings
    • In some designs savings can be realized from decreasing or eliminating drain pipes, inlets and utility structures
    • Flat continous surface accepts pavement marking materials such as paint and thermal plastic tapes
  • Filtering and treatment of pollutants
  • Roofwater managment
  • Disability & Pedestrian friendly
  • Water harvesting
  • LEED credits available
  • Extending tree & plant life