Management of Oil Contaminates

Oil Outflow

Oil drippings and related hydrocarbons are typically digested within the base through filtering and microbial action. Research by Coventry University, England on microbial action has shown that AQUA Pave system is capable of bioremediation at the rate of 70 grams (0.15 lbs.) of oil per square metre (approx. 11ft squared) per year. Severe hydrocarbon contamination can be dealt with by feeding the affected areas with slow release fertilizer.

Heavy Metals Removed

Metals removed

Root System Maintenance

Helps Trees

Availability of air and water to the root systems of existing or newly planted vegetation, particularly trees, is key to their survival and growth. When building near trees, the previous BMPs were to install a grate around the perimeter of the tree to allow for direct infiltration, or to install a subgrade irrigation system.

It has been proven that the AQUA Pave system can be used successfully with load bearing tree soils. This allows the pavers to be installed right up to the border of the tree pit, which increases the available parking area, while still allowing air and water to reach the root structure.

In applications where additional water is desired within the root system, it is possible to divert the overflow from a “Partial Exfiltration” or “No Exfiltration” system to the root zone or even create an artifical tanked system.